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Vol 5 No 1 (2024): Permata : Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam

This issue has been available online since February for the regular issue of February 2024. All articles in this issue (15 articles) were authored/co-authored by 53 authors from 15 institutions in Indonesia.

Permata : Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam (Islamic Education Journal) is a National and International Journal that has open access and is rigorously peer-reviewed and published by the Islamic Education Study Program, Faculty of Tarbiyah, and managed by the Center for Research and Community Service (P3M) of Universitas Islam Bunga Bangsa Cirebon (UI BBC). The journal promotes research and scientific discussion on Islamic Religious Education in formal education, non-formal education, and informal education.
Permata : Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam (Islamic Education Journal) publishes two issues per year (February, and August). The journal aims to provide timely and regular publication of high-quality research in the relevant fields of study.

E-ISSN : 2746-6760 (Online - Elektronik)

Published: 2024-02-14


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   Journal Title    Permata : Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam
   E-ISSN     2746-6760
   P-ISSN    -
   Prefix DOI    -
   Frequency             2 Issues per year (February and August)
   Editor in Chief      Agus Dian Alirahman
   Publisher           LPPM of Islamic University Bunga Bangsa Cirebon
   Manager         PAI Study Program, Islamic University Bunga Bangsa Cirebon
   Publication         February and August 
   Indexing    Sinta 5GarudaNeliti and Moraref
   Contact (+62821-2769-2371)
   Address    Jl. Widarasari III, Tuparev, Sutawinangun, Kedawung, Cirebon City, West Java, Indonesia Tlp. 0231-246215
   Review Method    Double Blind Review
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   Review Process         Around 4 weeks