Published research results are related to the following research:
1. learning strategies, models and methods in SD / MI;
  • Learning strategies, are the ways that will be chosen and used by a teacher to deliver learning materials that aim to make it easier for students to receive and understand learning materials, which in the end the learning objectives can be mastered at the end of learning activities. 
  • The learning method, is the method used to implement the plans that have been prepared in the form of real and practical activities to achieve learning objectives. for example through lectures, demonstrations, discussions, simulations, laboratories, field experiences, brainstorming, debates, symposia, and so on
  • The learning model, is a form of learning that is illustrated from beginning to end which is presented specifically by the teacher. such as cooperative models, PBL models and others.
2. media, materials, resources and learning technology in SD / MI;
  • Learning Media, is anything that can be used to transmit messages from sender to receiver so that it can stimulate thoughts, feelings, concerns and interests of students in such a way that learning process takes place
  • Learning resources, as all sources  (data, people, and goods) that can be used by students as a sources alone or in combination to facilitate learning
3. Evaluation of learning learning in SD / MI
  • Learning evaluation, is a process to obtain the data and information needed to determine the extent and how the learning has progressed in order to make judgments and improvements needed to maximize the results.
4. the development of children's educational psychology in SD / MI
  • Child development psychology, is one of the most studied branches of psychology. This branch of psychology focuses on the behavior and way of thinking of children, starting from when they are still in the womb, to growing up
5. Development of education curriculum in SD / MI;
  • Curriculum development, is a planner, implementer, assessor and real curriculum developer. A curriculum is expected provide a foundation, content, and become a guide for developers  students' abilities optimally in accordance with the demands and challenges community development
6. also school management in the realm of SD / MI.
  • School management , is an activity that is carried out effectively and efficiently to improve school performance in achieving educational goals, both national goals and institutional goals, the results of which can be seen from several factors as performance indicators that have been achieved by schools.